Maof Engineering M.B.– Projects Design and Management Ltd, was established as an engineering and consulting firm at Beer-Sheva, Israel

The company and the team of which are being involved during the years in different types and branches of industries, from cement and mining to the water, cryogenic and even nanomaterials

We supply a wide range of engineering solutions to our clients
In the past 13 years Maof Engineering has dealt more and more with the infrastructure related projects mainly based on water treating issues
– Potable water filtration facilities
– Waste water plants, based on different ways and technologies, as
biologic- membrane and conventional
We can mention the filtration plant for potable water for national water supply, and waste water plants at Teva and Bromine Compounds
The company has refurbished and upgraded the control system of a gas turbo compressor for a Russian company at Siberia as a turn-key job

Our turn-key jobs include the supply of the equipment, erecting and finally personal training of the end user client crew

Maof Eng. can supply engineering services where we accompany the client side
In these cases the company provides financial services in addition to technical services such as the project budget, sources, feasibility study, and time schedule of the project
Tender documents for different issues at the stage of design and erecting are prepared and the company participates in all the procedures for the selection of the related contractors

Maof Engineering has successfully performed designing, consulting and erecting assistance for our clients at different fields of industries. Hereafter are some of the clients we made for them projects (directly or by a third party)

Filtration and treatment facility for Mekorot Israel water supply – Eshkol Plant

Dead sea works – Natural gas distribution in the plants, and others

 Nesher Cement Industries- C&I design for "Alternative Fuel" and "Polluted Water"
pilot plants, Upgrading the PLC at Coil Plant , Dry lines and others

Rotem Amfart Fertilizers

 Makhteshim Chemical Works Ltd

MKP Plant and MAP plant, Rotem

Negev Peroxide

Bromine compounds

 Teva Pharmaceuticals

 Dead Sea Periclase



Ashdod Marine Port